Operator Overloading Interview Questions in C# - 1

Question: 1

Why operator overloading?

Operator overloading makes a program clearer than accomplishing the same operations with explicit method calls. Some benefits are

A class that represents an amount of memory.

A word processing or text analysis program that uses classes representing sentences, clauses and so on.

Graphics program that use mathematical or co-ordinate related objects when calculating positions on screen.

Question: 2

Define Interface?

Interfaces are syntactically similar to abstract classes.

However, in an interface, no method can include a body.

The interface provides no implementation; it specifies what must be done, but not how.

Question: 3

List any four over loadable operators?

Binary Arithmetic    à +, -, *, /, %

Binary Bitwise          à &, |, ^, <<, >>

Unary Arithmetic     à +, -, ++, --

Unary Bitwise           à true, false, !, ~

Logical operators     à ==, !=, >=, <=,>

Question: 4

What are the operators that are not overloaded?

Assignment  à +=, -=,*=, %=, /=

Conditional  à &&, ||

Other          à(), =, ?, ?:, ->,new, size of, is, as, type of.

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