C# Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Define C#?

C# (pronounced as ‘C sharp’) is a new programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA.

It is an Object oriented and web enabled Programming language. It has been designed to support the key features of .NET framework.

Question: 2

List out the characteristics of C#?


Object oriented,


Type safe,


Version able




Question: 3

Name the applications created by the c# .net?

C# can be used for a variety of applications that are supported by the .NET Platform. The most important applications are.

Console applications

Windows applications

Web applications

Web services

Developing .NET component library

Question: 4

Differentiate between C++ and C#?

C# does not produce object codes.

No semicolon at the end of class definition.

The first character of the Main () is capitalized.

C# does not support # include.

C# has two types called value and Reference.

C# does not support pointer (handles by unsafe).

Arrays are declared differently.

C# does not allow Fall through in Switch case.

C# supports foreach statement.

C# does not support default arguments.

Type casting in C# is safer than C++.

C# does not support multiple code inheritance.

Question: 5

List any four applications of Object Oriented Programming?

Image Processing.

Pattern Recognition.

Computer assisted concurrent engineering.

Computer aided design and manufacturing.

Computer aided Teaching.

Web based applications.

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