Linux Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced - 1

Question: 1

What is Line editing?

The line editing commands handle these actions. When we are in the command mode (the colon): takes us to the line-editing mode. After completing the necessary actions if we press ENTER key that will take us again to the command mode.

Question: 2

How Linux did become famous?

Linux was widely distributed over the Internet. The other programmers, in the subsequent years, refined the new operating system. Interested programmers all over the world contributed something to the improvement of Linux. In this way, it has got a distinctive advantage over the other operating systems. The Linux code was available to one and all. They could fix the errors, under friendly atmosphere without any constraint. All these produced useful code. Linux has all the utilities needed for the Internet and had become famous.

Question: 3

What is standard input stream?

The input data stream is called as the standard input. If we input the data, the data are converted into the data stream of continuous set of bytes. This called the standard input.

Normally the standard input is connected to the key board.

Question: 4

What are the modes available in Vi editors?

Vi editor makes the keyboard to play a dual role. Vi editor has got two modes. They are -1. The command mode and 2. The input mode.

Question: 5

What are Wildcard entries?

If we have partial information about the names of files, the Linux provides special characters *,?,[] (comma is not included in the list) which will help us to find out the exact name(s). If we want to list out the files which start with ch or end with .c, the special character * will be helpful to us.

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