JDBC Interview Questions for Freshers or Experienced Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What are the common tasks of JDBC?

Create an instance of a JDBC driver or load JDBC drivers through jdbc.drivers

Register a driver

Specify a database

Open a database connection

Submit a query

Receive results

Question: 2

Name the new features added in JDBC 4.0?

The major features introduced in JDBC 4.0 are

Auto loading by JDBC driver class

Enhanced Connection management

RowId SQL enabled

Dataset implemented by SQL by using Annotations

Enhancements of SQL exception handling

Supporting SQL XML files

Question: 3

What type of driver did you use in project?

JDBC – ODBC Bridge driver (is a driver that uses native(C language) libraries and makes calls to an existing ODBC driver to access a database engine).

Question: 4

Describe how the JDBC application works?

A JDBC application may be divided into two layers.

Driver layer

Application layer

The Application layer begins after putting a request to the Driver Manager for the connection.

An appropriate driver is chosen and used for establishing the connection.

This connection is linked to the application layer.

The application needs the connection for creating the Statement kind of objects by which the results are obtained.

Question: 5

How JDBC API is common to all the database and also to all drivers?

JDBC API uses Factory method and Abstract Factory Design pattern implementations to make API common to all the Databases and Drivers.

In fact most of the classes available in JDBC API are interfaces, where Driver vendors must provide implementation for the above said interfaces.

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