WPF Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is Silver light?

Silver light is a powerful environment to develop an interactive application for the Windows, Web, and mobile devices.

It is a cross-browser, cross – platform, and cross – device environment.

Both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh family of operating systems as well as popular Web browsers, such as

Microsoft Internet Explorer,

Mozilla Firefox, and

Apple Safari, support Silver light.

Question: 2

What are the image formats supported in WPF?

The file formats of images that are supported in WPF are

Bitmap (.bmb)

Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg and .jpeg)

Portable Network Graphics (.png)

Tagged Image File Format (.tiff)

Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)

Icon (.ico)

Windows Media Photo

Question: 3

What is XAML?

XAML is a declarative markup language based on XML and introduced by Microsoft Corporation. This markup language uses various predefined markup tags or elements. The tags or elements have attributes that are set using the name value pairs. Due to its simple and declarative nature, XAML is supported by many technologies such as WPF, WF and Silverlight.

In WPF, XAML is used primarily to design the UI of the applications.

The controls available in WPF are mapped to the XAML elements, while the properties of the Controls are mapped to the attributes of the elements.

Question: 4

What are managed and unmanaged components in WPF 4.0?

WPF 4.0 is a part of .NET Framework 4.0 and it consists of both managed and unmanaged components.

The managed components of WPF 4.0 are based on Common Language Runtime ( CLR) and make use of different features of CLR, such as cross-language integration, type – safety and security, debugging and exception handling, and garbage collection.

Most of the functionalities and features of WPF 4.0 are provided through the managed components.

WPF 4.0 also contains an unmanaged component, which do not use the CLR service that is milcore.

All are managed components in WPF architecture except milcore.

Question: 5

Explain the types of documents supported by WPF?

WPF supports the following two types of documents:

Fixed Documents

Flow documents

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