100+ SAP Basis Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) supports various business functions, such as data warehousing, business planning, business insights, measurements and management, information broadcasting and accelerated business intelligence.

Transaction based systems are not optimized for management reporting.

In management reporting, the slicing and dicing of information is unique and generates loads of data volumes.

It is not possible for transaction based systems to handle such huge volumes of data.

Therefore, a business data warehouse is built to generate such information. This system is called differently by different organizations. Some organizations also refer it as Decision Support System (DSS).

BI is similar product of SAP.

Question: 2

What is ABAP?

The term ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application and Programming.

The latest object oriented version 4 of ABAP is often referred as ABAP/4.

Depending upon the individual requirements of organizations, a need was felt to extend the functionality of SAP.

This is implemented by allowing customers to develop their customizations through some simple programming language.

As a result, ABAP came into existence. Over a period of time, ABAP has also evolved as a fully-fledged programming language. Recently, object oriented capabilities have also been added to ABAP.

Question: 3

Which table contains details about the business areas?

Table TGSB contains details about the business areas.

Question: 4

What is the use of PFCG?

Tcode PFCG is used to create roles.

Question: 5

Name the authorizations required to maintain the user master data in SAP?

The following authorizations are required to maintain the user master data in SAP:




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