Core Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the benefits of flashback feature?

Flashback feature provides the following benefits:

Flashback Database – you can use this feature to flashback database to a point in past instead of restoring from backup and recovering to the specific point.

Flashback Standby Database – You can use this feature to flashback standby database to a time prior to point of failure.

Flashback Re-instantiation – You do not need to re instantiate database following a failover using this feature

Flashback Drop – You can restore dropped tables using this feature.

Flashback Table – You can use this feature to flashback table to a specific point.

Flashback Row History – This feature gives you ability to view the changes in one or more rows.

Flashback Transaction History – You can use this feature to diagnose problems, perform analysis and audit transactions.

Question: 2

How can you record information about current session?

Oracle provides a package called dbms_application_info. This package can be used to set information about current session.

Question: 3

What do you understand by fine grained auditing?

Fine grained auditing can be used to implement auditing at a low level of granularity.

It allows you to audit a transaction when a specific column or row is changed.

Question: 4

What is the commonly used procedure of the dbms_lock package?

The dbms_lock.sleep procedure is the most commonly used procedure from the dbms_lock package.

It suspends a session for specified time interval.

It takes a parameter in seconds.

The smallest increment can be entered in hundred of a second.

Question: 5

Can you redefine a table online?

Yes, you can use the dbms_redefinition package to redefine a table online.

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