1000+ Linux Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

Write a short note on Linux OS development?

Linus Torvalds decided to develop an effective PC version of Unix for Minix users. He called it linux by combining his first name with last letter of Unix and he released version 0.11 in the year 1991. Linux was widely distributed over the Internet.

Interested programmers all over the word contributed something to the improvement of Linux. In this way, it has got a distinctive advantage over the other Operating systems.

Normally, the Operating Systems are developed under a closed environment. A very limited number of people were allowed to remove the errors in the entire code within a fixed deadline, whereas the Linux code was available to one and all, they could fix the errors, under friendly atmosphere without any constraint. All these produced useful code. Linux has all the utilities needed for the Internet. In its simplest format, it can run effectively requiring just 4 MB of memory. It is amazing that this operating system with all its features, occupies such a small memory. This has not affected its stability or speed.

Linux was developed from the beginning according to the ANSI standard for Unix called the Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Envrironment (POSIX). Linux is specially designed for Intel-based PCs.

Question: 2

What are the privileges of the root user?

The SA also creates / home directories for the users and he/she does the service to group of users for the system. He/she is the only one to use floppy disk and CD-ROM in the system and takes backups to prevent loss or data due to system breakdown. He/she is also known as root user or super user.

Question: 3

How will you edit text and commands?

Before pressing the Enter key we can edit the command line with the help of left arro (or ctrl + B), right arrow (or ctrl + F). Backspace (ctrl + H) and Delete key are used to erase the character as usual.

Ctrl + U deletes the entire line. You can enter more than one command in the same line but you should separate them with a semicolon (;).

Question: 4

What is super user?

The System Administrator (SA) is the super user. He is primarily responsible for the smooth functioning of the system. In Linux, he/she is also the root user or super user. The prompt for the root user is # while the prompt for others is $.

Question: 5

Who can use Floppy or CD in linux system?

System Administrator (SA) is the only one to use floppy disk and CD-ROM is the system and takes backups to prevent loss of data due to system breakdown.

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