C Language Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers - 1

Question: 1

What do you mean by high level, middle level and low level language?

High level languages

These level languages provide almost everything that the programmer might need to do as already build into the language.

Example: Java, Python.

Middle level languages

These languages don’t provide all the built in functions found in high level languages, but provide all building blocks that we need to produce the result we want.

Example: C, C++

Low level languages

These languages provide nothing other than access to the machine’s basic instruction set.

Example: Assembly language.

Question: 2

Where is C program language used or uses of C language?

C languages is used to develop system applications that forms major portion of operating systems such as Windows, UNIX and Linux. Operating systems, C compiler and all UNIX application programs are written in C language. Below are some examples of uses of C language.

Database systems

Graphics packages

Word processors

Spread sheets

Operating system development

Compilers and Assemblers

Network drivers


Question: 3

What is dangling pointers in C?

When a pointer is pointing to non existing memory location is called dangling pointer.

Question: 4

What is static function in C?

All functions are global by default in a C program/file.

But, static keyword makes a function as a local function which can be assessed only by the program/file where it is declared and defined.

Other programs/files can’t access these static functions.

Question: 5

What is embedded C?

Embedded C is the extension of C programming language.

Embedded C is used to develop micro controller based applications.

Embedded C includes features not available in normal C like fixed point arithmetic, named address spaces and basic I/O hardware addressing.

Cell phones, MP3 players are some example for embedded systems in which embedded C is used to program and control these devices.

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