C# Classes and Objects Programming Interview Questions - 1

Question: 1

Define constructor?

A constructor is a special method declared in a class to initialize the fields at the time of the creation of an instance/object of a class.

It is a special method because the name of the method is same as that of class name.

Question: 2

Define destructor?

A destructor is a mechanism to release the resources when an object is reclaimed by the garbage collector.

The name of the destructor is the same as the class name and is preceded by a tilde (~).

Question: 3

What is called default constructor?

A public parameter less constructor called default constructor. It returns a default values for the value type.

Question: 4

Define static members and methods?

The members declared with the keyword static is called as static members. It is also called as class variables. These variables are used when we want to have a variable common to all instances of a class.

The methods declared with the keyword static is called as static methods. It is also called as Class methods. It can be called without using the object. They are also available for use by other classes.

Question: 5

What is called Field and Methods?

Fields : Variables declared in the class. to hold data.

Methods :  Function members defined in the class. Used to implement the computations and actions to be performed.

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