100+ Sequence Puzzles Questions with Answers - 1

Questions : 1

Ans: A

Every fourth figure has a black circle at the top, every fifth figure has a white circle in the middle and every second figure has a white circle with a dot at the bottom.

Questions : 2

Ans: E

The large square is disappearing a side at each stage working clockwise and the small square is being constructed a side at a time working anti clockwise.

Questions : 3

Ans: D

1 is added to 2 equal 3

4 is added to 5 to equal 6

But similar symbols disappear when added together.

Questions : 4

Ans: A

The dots are changing places two at a time working clockwise, starting with the white dot on the extreme left, which changes places with the black dot immediately above it.

Questions : 5

Ans: B

Every line has one upright diamond and one white star.

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