1001+ Puzzle Questions and Answers Pdf Download - 1

Questions : 1

What square should replace the question mark?

Ans: C

Looking across and down, circles are only transferred to the final square when they appear in the same position in both previous squares, however they then change from black to white and vice versa.

Questions : 2

Which shield is most like the shield above?

Ans: E

It contains two triangles, two squares, two black dots and two white dots, with one black dot in a triangle, one black dot in both squares and one white dot in one square.

Questions : 3

What comes next?

Ans: D

The figure tumbles over onto a new side clockwise at each stage and also working clockwise different section is shaded at each stage.

Questions : 4

Which is the missing tile?

Ans: C

Looking across and down, the outer arc moves 90° clockwise at each stage, and the inner arc moves 90° anticlockwise.

Questions : 5

Which is the missing tile?

Ans: B

In lines across multiply the number of circles to obtain the number in the third square. In lines down divide.

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