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Question: 1

In each of the following questions, two words indicated by I and II have been left out. The correct combination is given as one of the four alternatives A, B, C and D. Find the correct combination in each case.
I. Water : : II : Thermometer
I. (A) Humidity (B) Rain (C) Pitcher (D) Evaporation
II. (P) Temperature (Q) Mercury (R) Doctor (S) Fever

(A) DP

(B) AS

(C) BR

(D) CQ

Ans: D

First contains the second.

Question: 2

I : Garland : : II : Star
I. (A) Perfume (B) Hero (C) Flower (D) Honour
II. (P) Galaxy (Q) Shine (R) Sun (S) Night

(A) CP

(B) CR

(C) BS

(D) DQ

Ans: A

First is a part of the second.

Question: 3

I. Ship : : II : Platform
I. (A) Captain (B) Quay (C) Port (D) Shore
II. (P) Coolie (Q) Station (R) Train (S) Bench

(A) AP

(B) BR

(C) CQ

(D) DS

Ans: B

First is the place where the second stops temporarily.

Question: 4

I : Modern : : II : Old
I. (A) Ancient (B) Death (C) Famous (D) Civilisation
II. (P) Industrialisation (Q) Young (R) Fashion (S) Western

(A) AS

(B) AQ

(C) BR

(D) CR

Ans: B

The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

Question: 5

I. Increase : : II : Descend
I. (A) Grow (B) Decrease (C) Rise (D) Price
II. (P) Reduce (Q) Down (R) Ascend (S) Mountain

(A) AQ

(B) AR

(C) BR

(D) CP

Ans: C

The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

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