100+ Analogy Questions and Answers for SSC CGL - 1

Question: 1

In each of the following questions, two words indicated by I and II have been left out. The correct combination is given as one of the four alternatives A, B, C and D. Find the correct combination in each case.
I : Sword : : II : Thread
I. (A). Dagger (B) Knife (C) Warrior (D) Kill
II. (P) Needle (Q) Tailor (R) Rope (S) Stitch

(A) AP

(B) BR

(C) CQ

(D) DS

Ans: B

Second is an enlarged form of the first.

Question: 2

I : Lungs : : II : Nut
I. (A) Respiration (B) Air (C) Ribs (D) Breathe
II. (P) Eat (Q) Shell (R) Almond (S) Oil

(A) AR

(B) AD

(C) CQ

(D) BS

Ans: C

First protects the second.

Question: 3

I : Ocean : : II. Stone
I. (A) Glacier (B) Lake (C) Continent (D) River
II. (P) Rock (Q) Pebble (R) Granite (S) Mountain

(A) DQ

(B) CS

(C) BP

(D) AR

Ans: C

Second is an enlarged form of the first.

Question: 4

Shoe : I : : II. Table
I. (A) Foot (B) Socks (C) Heel (D) Factory
II. (P) Drawer (Q) Chair (R) Wood (S) Carpenter

(A) DS

(B) CP

(C) BR

(D) AQ

Ans: B

Second is a part of the first.

Question: 5

I : Inert : : II. Active
I. (A) Static (B) Statics (C) Helium (D) Air
II. (P) Gymnast (Q) Dynamic (R) Participation (S) Smart

(A) AQ

(B) BP

(C) CR

(D) DS

Ans: A

The words in each pair are synonyms.

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