7000+ List of Important Books and Authors Questions for SSC CHSL Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The T.V. Serial ‘Tamas’ was directed by

(A) Govind Nihalani

(B) Satajit Ray

(C) Deepti Saha

(D) Bheesmas Sawhney

Ans: A

Govind Nihalani

Question: 2

Bagh a village in Gwalior is famous for

(A) Architecture

(B) Cave paintings

(C) Sculpture

(D) All of the above

Ans: B

Cave paintings

Question: 3

The much discussed book The Indian Controversies has been written by

(A) Arun Shourie

(B) Anita Desai

(C) Khushwant Singh

(D) Salman Rushdie

Ans: A

Arun Shourie

Question: 4

Who among the following has directed the film ‘Sardar’?

(A) Ketan Mehta

(B) Buddhadeb Das Gupta

(C) Shyam Benegal

(D) Tapan Sinha

Ans: A

Ketan Mehta

Question: 5

Who wrote Dragon's Seed

(A) Shakespeare

(B) Shelley

(C) Pearl S. Buck

(D) Keats

Ans: C

Pearl S. Buck

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