Top 10,000 Computer Quiz for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

Every component of your computer is either

(A) Input devices or output devices

(B) Application software or system software

(C) Software or CPU/RAM

(D) Hardware or software

Ans: D

Hardware or software

Question: 2

To provide electronic circuits, first-generation computers used

(A) Large-scale integrated circuits

(B) Integrated circuits

(C) Transistors

(D) Vacuum tubes

Ans: D

Vacuum tubes

Question: 3

Which of the following groups have only input devices?

(A) Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner

(B) Mouse, Keyboard, Printer

(C) Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor

(D) None of these

Ans: A

Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner

Question: 4

A _____ can make it easier to play games.

(A) Pen

(B) Keyboard

(C) Mouse

(D) Joystick

Ans: D


Question: 5

To make the number pad act a directional arrow, we press

(A) Shift

(B) Arrow lock

(C) Caps lock

(D) Num lock

Ans: A


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