Metallurgical Testing and Inspection Quiz Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Most common reason for fatigue failure of materials due to

(A) Application of repeated stress

(B) Its less elasticity

(C) Its high yield point

(D) Electrochemical corrosion

Ans: A

Application of repeated stress

Question: 2

In Brinell hardness test, the measurement of the _____ is most prone to error.

(A) Diameter of indentation

(B) Surface area of indentor ball

(C) Load appliead

(D) Diameter of indentor ball

Ans: A

Diameter of indentation

Question: 3

Bend test is performed on a metal to determine its toughness. Wrap around bend test is generally used for

(A) Sheet metal

(B) Wires

(C) Tubess

(D) Round bards

Ans: B


Question: 4

Materials of construction of the indentor ball in the Brinell hardness test for hard metals is

(A) Stainless steel

(B) Tungsten carbide

(C) High carbon steel

(D) Diamond

Ans: B

Tungsten carbide

Question: 5

Decrease in stress at constant deformation under creep conditions is termed as the

(A) Stress relaxation

(B) Residual stress

(C) Proof stress

(D) Stress relief

Ans: A

Stress relaxation

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