7000+ Important Computer Awareness Questions for Bank Exams - 1

Question: 1

It takes spoken words as its input, and converts them to a form that can be understood by a computer

(A) Printing

(B) Data coding

(C) Speech recognition

(D) None of these

Ans: C

Speech recognition

Question: 2

Following hold more data and faster to access

(A) Hard disk

(B) Floppy disk

(C) Magnetic tape

(D) None of these

Ans: A

Hard disk

Question: 3

It includes operating systems, compilers, assemblers and interpreters for managing computer resources

(A) Application software

(B) System software

(C) Utility software

(D) None of these

Ans: B

System software

Question: 4

The latest PC keywords use a circuit that senses the movement by the change in its capacitance. These keyboards are referred as

(A) Dvorak keyboards

(B) Qwerty keyboards

(C) Mechanical keyboards

(D) Capacitance keyboards

Ans: D

Capacitance keyboards

Question: 5

Two write a data one uses

(A) CD-R drive

(B) CD-ROM drive

(C) Record player

(D) None of these

Ans: A

CD-R drive

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