Famous Places, Towns and Buildings in India Gk Questions & Answers - 1

Diego Garcia An island in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. The U.S.A. has set up a big naval base here. The littoral countries led by India raised protest against this step.
Dowling Street Official residence of the Prime Minister of England in London.
Eiffel Tower A 985 feet high tower designed by Alexander Gustave Eiffel for Paris Exposition in 1889 in Paris (France), now being used as a meteorological wireless station.
Elysee Palace Official residence of the President of France.
Empire State Building In New York (U.S.A.); One of the loftiest buildings in the world; it has 102 storeys and a height o 1250 ft. opened on May 1, 1931.
Fleet Street A Street in London named after the river Fleet; there are offices and printing establishments of many of the leading British newspapers and press agencies.
Fuji Yama Extinct volcano in Japan near Tokyo; pilgrim resort; the highest peak of Japan.
Geneva In Switzerland; venue of several international conferences; headquarters of ILO, WHO and Red Cross Society.
Golden Triangle A heaven for the smugglers in South East Asia; it refers to the bottom of Burma, Thailand and Laos where opium is grown on a large scale and much of which is smuggled out to the U.S.A. and other countries.
Great wall of China A wall built northern China along Southern edge of Mongolian plateau to keep out invading Mongols.
Greenwich Situated on the Thames river near London; Noted for the astronomical observatory; longitude conventionally calculated with Greenwich meridian either east or west.
Hollywood Centre of World’s biggest film industry in California, the U.S.A.
Hong Kong A former British colony composed of a peninsula on the southeast China mainland and many islands off the coast; one of the world’s finest harbours;.  In 1997, the Chinese sovereignty on Hong Kong was restored.
Hiroshima A flourishing Japanese town completely destroyed by the first atom bomb on August 6m 1945.
Havana Capital of Cuba, Olympic Games were held here in 1952. SALT talks held in 1970-71.
Harappa In Pakistan; known for excavation of prehistoric building of pre-Aryan age.
Hanging Gardens of Babylon They were in the palace of King Nebuchadnezzar, 100 km south of present Baghdad.
Hague The seat of the Government of Netherlands. International Court of Justice, a UN organ, is located here.
Hagia Sophia Church of St.Sophia at Constantinople built by Roman Emperor Justinian (531 – 538 A.D.)
Hyde Park Famous place for Public Meetings in London.
Jakarta (Djakarta) Capital of Indonesia, formerly known as Batavia, chief exporter of rubber and tea.
Jerusalem Capital of Israel. Holy city for three faiths; Jews, Christians and Muslims.
Johannesburg Gold mining centre in South Africa
Jordell Bank Observatory It is locale of the world famous radio telescope near Manchester in U.K. It has played an important role in international space research.
Kaaba The holiest place for the Muslims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Kremlin Headquarters of the former Soviet Union.
Kimberley Situated on the east of Kalahari desert in South Africa, the biggest diamond mining centre/market in the world.
Kilimanjaro Volcanic mountain in north Tanzania, the highest peak in Africa (19,340 ft).
Karakoram Highway It is an 800 km all weather road linking border of China’s Sinkiang Province with Pakistan. The road was inaugurated on June 18, 1978, by General Zia and the Chinese Vice Premier Keng Piao. India lodged her protest against the opening of this road as it passes through Kashmir territory.
Lusaka The capital of Zambia; The 1970 NAM Summit was held here.
Lumbini The birth place of Gautam Buddha in Nepal.
Lop Nor Located at Sinkiang desert in China where China’s nuclear installations are located. It is also China’s atomic testing ground.

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