100+ Gk Questions on Oceans, Seas and Waves Quiz - 1

Question: 1

Differentiate beach drift from obliques?

Beach drift is a deposit on the sea shoreline which has been transported by sea waves.

These deposits modify the coastline.

Obliques are slanting slopes, in the beaches.

Wave activities carry sand towards the land to form obliques.

Question: 2

Write short notes on waves?

Waves are generated by the combined effect of the downward and shearing forces of the wind up on the surface of the water. Waves encountered in the oceans are so irregular that no two are exactly alike. To the eye, waves give the effect of water travelling from one point to another.

Question: 3

Describe in brief about surf zone?

The turbulent water created by breaking waves is called surf. Infact, abration is probably more intense in the surf zone than in any other environment. Smooth, rounded stones and pebbles along the shore are obvious remainders of grinding action of rock against root in the surf zone.

Question: 4

Write a brief note on wave cut platform?

Initially the cutting action of the waves against the base of coastal land produces wave cut cliffs. As erosion progresses, rocks over hanging the notch a the base of the cliff crumble into the water, the cliff retreat. A relatively flat, bench like surface called wave cut platform is left behind by the reducing cliff. The platform broadens as the wave attack continues.

Question: 5

How are beaches formed?

The action of ocean waves changes the shoreline. Waves cut away sloping land and create steep cliffs. They break up the exposed rocks and form beaches. The movement of the waves and currents shapes beaches and builds up sand bars along the shore. Waves also carry beach sand away, particularly during storms when the waves are high and choppy.

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