NEET Zoology Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which one of the following regulates respiration in man?

(A) Medulla oblongata

(B) Mid brain

(C) Spinal cord

(D) Fore brain

Ans: A

Medulla oblongata

Question: 2

The branch of the science dealing with the study of human skin is called

(A) Anatomy

(B) Dermatology

(C) Bio-chemistry

(D) Physiology

Ans: B


Question: 3

Malaria is spread by

(A) Anopheles mosquito (female)

(B) Aedes mosquito

(C) Culex mosquito

(D) House fly

Ans: A

Anopheles mosquito (female)

Question: 4

Human heart contains

(A) 2 chambers

(B) 3 chambers

(C) 4 chambers

(D) No chamber

Ans: C

4 chambers

Question: 5

Who are more likely to get tapeworm?

(A) Fish eaters

(B) Meat eaters

(C) Pork eaters

(D) Beef eaters

Ans: C

Pork eaters

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