.Net Assemblies Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is an assembly?

An Assembly is a collection of files that appear to be a single DLL or executable.

Assemblies are the .NET unit of reuse, versioning, security and deployment.

It also contains resources such as .gif files, type definitions for each class, metadata.

Question: 2

What are the two conditions in the shared assembly?

There are two conditions, which should be followed while using the shared assembly.

Exact assembly is specified to load.

Ensure that the assembly has not been tampered.

Question: 3

Define Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?

The global assembly cache is a special directory set aside where strongly named assemblies can be stored and located by the CLR.

As part of resolving references at load time. The CLR automatically looks in the GAC for the requested assembly.

Question: 4

Which tool is used to install the shared assembly in to GAC?

The global assembly cache tool gacutil is used to install the shared assembly.

Question: 5

Define the Four policy levels in. NET Security?

.NET recognizes four policy levels. Enterprise, Machine, User, Application Domain.

Enterprise – Define security policy across all machines.

Machine – Define security for a single machine.

User – Define security policy for individual users.

Application Domain- Applied to code running in a specific app domain.

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