Infosys Oracle Database Administrator Interview Questions Answers - 1

Question: 1

What is the STATSPACK tool?

The STATSPACK tool is an ORACLE supplied tool to monitor database performance.

It can be used to diagnose instance wide problems both proactively and reactively.

Question: 2

Which parameters affect the behavior of merge join?

The behavior of merge join is influenced by the initialization parameters:

sort_area_size and db_file_multiblock_read_count

Question: 3

Why UNION ALL faster than UNION?

The UNION operation removes redundancy while UNION ALL does not; therefore, the UNION operation needs to perform sort.

As a result, UNION ALL performs better as it does not need to perform any sort.

Question: 4

How can you get more details about the blocking session?

You can use the v$session or gv$session view in Real Application Clusters (RAC) environment to get the session information.

Question: 5

Which utility can you use to make trace file more readable?

You can use the TKPROF utility to make user process trace file more readable.

TKPROF converts raw information into formatted output in user process trace file.

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