C# Exception Handling Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Define error?

Errors are mistakes that can make a program go wrong.

It is common to make mistakes while developing as well as typing a program.

An error may produce an incorrect output or may terminate the execution of the program.

Question: 2

What is compile time error?

These kinds of errors are occurred during the program typing.

So the C# compiler does not create the “.CS” file.

It also list out the error with the details.

Question: 3

Can multiple catch blocks be executed?

No, once the proper catch code fires off, the control is transferred to the finally block (if there are any), and then whatever follows the finally block.

Question: 4

What is runtime error?

The program may compile successfully and creates executable version but the program produce wrong results.

These are due to the problem called runtime error.

Question: 5

What is the use of finally statement?

The set of statements that will execute when a try/catch block is left.

To specify a block of code to execute when a try/catch block is exited, include a finally block at the end of a try/catch sequence.

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