Oracle 11g - 12c Sql Loader Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

What is the SQL*Loader?

SQL Loader is a tool to lead data from file to a database table.

Question: 2

What is the difference between the conventional and direct path loads?

The direct path load loads data directly into datafiles while conventional path load uses standard insert statements.

There are a few restrictions with direct path loads. The data loaded using direct path does not replicate.

Question: 3

What is the difference between the SQL*Loader and import utilities?

Import and SQL*Loader both can be used to load data in a database.

However, import works in combination with export and can read files generated by export only.

SQL*Loader can read normal text files and you can explain the interpretation of text in the control file.

Question: 4

How you improve the performance of SQL*Loader?

You can use direct path load to improve the performance.

Indexes and constraints make inserts slow. Removing indexes and constraints improve performance of inserts; and therefore, of SQL*Loader.

Question: 5

Can you load data into multiple tables at once?


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