Top +50 Advanced .Net Remoting Interview Questions 2019 -2020 - 1

Question: 1

What is reflection?

Reflection is the process of finding out the internals, such as metadata, assemblies, modules, and types of an application without accessing the source code.

You can also use reflection to find all classes in an assembly and all the methods, properties, and events that might be supported by each of those classes.

Reflection also allows you to search for all kinds of information about a class, such as the base class from which it is derived and the interfaces it supports.

Question: 2

What is a channel?

Channels are the devices used to build communication across remote boundaries. .NET Remoting architecture ensures that at least one channel should be registered before registering an object on the remote system.

In addition, a client object must specify a channel to communicate with the remote object.

Question: 3

List out thr different types of channel?

The following are the three types of channels:

TCP channel

HTTP channel

IPC channel

Question: 4

What is WSDL?

WSDL stands for Web Service Description Language. It helps display the Web Service information to the consumer.

Question: 5

What are the different ways to host a remote object?

A remote object can be hosted in any one of the following hosts:

Managed executable or Windows service


.NET component services

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