Top 20+ LINQ Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Which is the new operator added in LINQ?

a. Set operator

b. Join operator

c. Aggregate operator

d. Sorting operator

e. Zip operator

The Zip operator is added in LINQ in .NET Framework 4.0.

Question: 2

What are the different Visual Basic features that support LINQ?

Visual Basic includes the following features that support LINQ:

Anonymous types- Enables you to create a new type based on a query result

Implicitly typed variables – Enables the compiler to infer and assign a type when you declare and initialize a variable

Extension method – Enables you to extend an existing type with your own methods without modifying the type itself

Question: 3

What is the function of the distinct clause in LINQ query?

The Distinct clause returns the result set without the duplicate values.

Question: 4

On what parameter does the Group By clause group the data?

The Group By clause groups the elements that share a common attribute.

Question: 5

What is a Linq Data Source control?

The Linq Data Source control enables you to use LINQ in an ASP.NET Web page by setting the properties in the markup text.

You can use the control retrieve or modify data.

It is similar to the SqlDataSource and ObjectDataSource controls in the sense that it can be used to declaratively bind other ASP.NET controls on a page to a data source.

The difference is that instead of binding directly to a database or a generic class, the LinqDataSource control is designed to bind a LINQ enabled data model.

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