Windows Application Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Wha is the difference between windows Default Location and Windows Default Bounds?

Windows Default Location tells the form to start up at a location selected by OS, but with internally specified size.

Windows Default Bounds delegates both size and starting position choices to the OS.

Question: 2

Which class is used to define the controls in the C#?

The controls in .NET are derived from the class System.Windows.Forms.Control class. This class defines the basic functionality of the controls.

Question: 3

What is called solution explorer?

It provides an organized view of files related to the project.

We can add new file or form by right click the solution and then get the item.

Question: 4

List any Four Components of MS Visual Studio IDE?



Solution Explorer,

Properties window

Question: 5

What is managed and unmanaged windows application?

Unmanaged Windows Applications are created using Microsoft Foundation classes (MFC) with C/C++ languages.

Managed Windows Applications run under Common Language Runtime (CLR) and are created using. NET Framework class library with.NET languages.

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