Gk Questions 2024 - 2025 for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, JE, SI, GD Exams Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The Indian Constitution does not follow the model of the Constitution of

(A) U.K.

(B) U.S.A.

(C) U.S.S.R.

(D) Ireland

Ans: C


Question: 2

The Constituent Assembly became a sovereign body after

(A) Jan 26, 1950

(B) Aug 15, 1947

(C) Aug 26, 1949

(D) Nov 26, 1929

Ans: B

Aug 15, 1947

Question: 3

On whose recommendation was the Constitution Assembly formed?

(A) Cabinet Mission Plan

(B) Cripp’s Mission

(C) Government of India Act, 1935

(D) Mountbatten Plan

Ans: A

Cabinet Mission Plan

Question: 4

The word ‘Economic Justice’ is found in

(A) Preamble, Directive Principles

(B) Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles

(C) Preamble, Fundamental Rights Principles

(D) Preamble

Ans: A

Preamble, Directive Principles

Question: 5

Who administers the oath of office to the President of India before he enters upon the office?

(A) Chief Justice

(B) Vice President

(C) Speaker

(D) Prime Minister

Ans: A

Chief Justice

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