Latest 50+ Ajax Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the different controls of ASP.NET AJAX?

ASP.NET AJAX includes the following controls:

Script Manager

Script Manager Proxy

Update Panel

Update Progress


Question: 2


ASP.NET AJAX, mostly called AJAX, is a set of extensions of ASP.NET.

It is developed by Microsoft to implement AJAX functionalities in Web applications.

ASP.NET AJAX provides a set of components that enable the developers to develop applications that can update only a specified portion of data without refreshing the entire page.

The ASP.NET AJAX works with the AJAX Library that uses object- oriented programming (OOP) to develop rich Web applications that communicate with the server using asynchronous post back.

Question: 3

What technologies are being used in AJAX?

AJAX uses four technologies, which are as follows:



Document Object Model (DOM)

Extensible HTML (XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Question: 4

Explain the limitations of AJAX?

The following are the limitations of AJAX:

It is difficult to bookmark a particular state of the application

Function provided in the code-behind file do not work because the dynamic pages cannot register themselves on browsers history engine automatically

If JavaScript is disabled, then AJAX is not able to perform any work

Response time may be slow because different controls of a page are loaded at different time.

Question: 5

What are the requirements to run ASP.NET AJAX applications on a server?

AJAX is a built-in functionality of .NET Framework 4.0.

Therefore, you can run an AJAX application by just installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

However, to use extenders in your applications, you are required to install AJAX Control Toolkit and copy the AjaxControlToolkit.dill file to the Bin directory of your application.

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