100+ Idioms and Phrases Questions for Bank Exams 2020-21 - 1

Question: 1

She cut a sad figure in her first performance on the stage.

(A) performed a sad role

(B) did not do well

(C) cut a sorry face

(D) made a sorry figure

Ans: A

performed a sad role

Question: 2

The captors of the kidnapped kept his family on tenter-hooks.

(A) in seething anger

(B) on constant move

(C) an anxious suspense

(D) in excited wait

Ans: C

an anxious suspense

Question: 3

His most trusted friend proved to be a snake in the grass.

(A) cowardly and brutal

(B) low and mean

(C) a hidden enemy

(D) an unreliable person

Ans: C

a hidden enemy

Question: 4

The bill was passed by the Parliament in the teeth of opposition.

(A) assistance

(B) in the face of

(C) cooperation

(D) by force of

Ans: B

in the face of

Question: 5

Saindhavi has been bitten off more than she can chew.

(A) bad fall

(B) trying to do too much

(C) beyond her capacity

(D) over and above

Ans: B

trying to do too much

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