1000+ Mechanism and Machines Objective Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

The tendency of a body to resist change from rest or motion is known as

(A) resisting torque

(B) resisting force

(C) friction

(D) inertia

Ans: D


Question: 2

Any point on a link connecting double slider crank chain will trace a

(A) ellipse

(B) parabola

(C) hyperbola

(D) straight line

Ans: A


Question: 3

Tangential acceleration direction is

(A) perpendicular to angular velocity

(B) along the angular velocity

(C) opposite to angular velocity

(D) may be any one of these

Ans: D

may be any one of these

Question: 4

The centrifugal tension in belts

(A) increases power transmission upto certain speed and then decreases

(B) does not affect power transmission

(C) increase power transmission

(D) reduces power transmission

Ans: D

reduces power transmission

Question: 5

The periodic time of a simple pendulum depends on

(A) amplitude of swing

(B) length of pendulum

(C) mass of bob

(D) material of bob

Ans: B

length of pendulum/p>

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