1000+ Metallurgy Interview Questions and Answers Pdf - 1

Question: 1

In high frequency heating of steel, the heat is generated primarily due to

(A) high voltage

(B) high power

(C) eddy currents

(D) stray magnetic fields

Ans: C

eddy currents

Question: 2

Dilute nitric acid applied to a clean fracture of wrought iron gives

(A) grey stain

(B) blue stain

(C) white stain

(D) greenish stain

Ans: C

white stain

Question: 3

Petrol engine carburetors are manufactured by

(A) die casting

(B) shell casting

(C) centrifugal casting

(D) sand casting

Ans: A

die casting

Question: 4

Which of the following operation on grey cast iron will result in the production of white cast iron?

(A) rapid heating

(B) shot peening

(C) tempering

(D) tumbling

Ans: A

rapid heating

Question: 5

Nickel is

(A) paramagnetic

(B) dielectric

(C) ferroelectric

(D) ferromagnetic

Ans: D


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