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Question: 1

Cost incurred towards _____ in a chemical plant is a component of the utilities cost.

(A) medical services

(B) property protection

(C) running a control laboratory

(D) water supply

Ans: D

water supply

Question: 2

With increase in the discounted cash flow rate of return, the ratio of the total present value to the initial investment of a given project

(A) increases

(B) decreases

(C) remains constant

(D) increases linearly

Ans: B


Question: 3

Utilities cost in the operation of chemical process plant comes under the

(A) direct production cost

(B) general expense

(C) fixed charges

(D) plant overhead cost

Ans: A

direct production cost

Question: 4

In a manufacturing industry, breakeven point occurs, when the

(A) total annual product cost equals the total annual sales

(B) total annual rate of production equals the assigned value

(C) annual profit equals the expected value

(D) annual sales equals the fixed cost

Ans: A

total annual product cost equals the total annual sales

Question: 5

The value of a property decreases _____ with time in straight line method of determining depreciation.

(A) logarithmically

(B) linearly

(C) exponentially

(D) non linearly

Ans: B


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