1000+ Physics Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams - 1

Question: 1

In television transmission, sound signals are

(A) phase modulated

(B) amplitude modulated

(C) frequency modulated

(D) either amplitude modulated or frequency modulated

Ans: C

frequency modulated

Question: 2

In a monochrome picture tube, the face in front of the picture tube is coated internally with

(A) metal oxide

(B) graphite

(C) iron oxide

(D) phosphor

Ans: D


Question: 3

A high negative potential applied to the control grid of the electron gun, to prevent the emission of electrons from it is called

(A) blanking pulse

(B) timer pulse

(C) line synchronising pulse

(D) frame synchronising pulse

Ans: A

blanking pulse

Question: 4

The amplitude of the modulated wave possesses the

(A) phase of the carrier wave

(B) phase of the audio signal wave

(C) frequency of the carrier wave

(D) frequency of the audio signal wave

Ans: D

frequency of the audio signal wave

Question: 5

In television systems, the frame repetition rate is referred to as

(A) pulse frequency

(B) transmission frequency

(C) picture frequency

(D) scanning frequency

Ans: D

scanning frequency

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