200+ Asp.Net Interview Questions - 1

Question: 1

Difference between Classic ASP and ASP.Net?

ASP is Interpreted language based on scripting languages like Jscript or VBScript.

ASP has Mixed HTML and coding logic.

Limited development and debugging tools available.

Limited OOPS support.

Limited session and application state management.

Poor Error handling system.

No in-built support for XML.

No fully distributed data source support.

Net is supported by compiler and has compiled language support.

Separate code and design logic possible.

Variety of compilers and tools available including the Visual studio.Net.

Completely Object Oriented.

Complete session and application state management.

Full proof error handling possible.

Full XML Support for easy data exchange.

Fully distributed data source support.

Question: 2

Define Page class?

Page class is the part of System.Web.UI namespace from which all ASP.NET pages are derived.

Question: 3

What are all the types of data types available in ASP.NET?

Framework specific data type

Language specific data type

Question: 4

What data type does the range validator control support?


String and


Question: 5

Explain the differences between server-side and client-side code?

Server-side code runs on the server.

Client-side code runs in the clients browser.

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