.Net Basic Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Define attributes?

Attributes are a mechanism for adding metadata such as compiler instructions and other data about the data, methods and classes.

Attributes are inserted in to the metadata and are visible through ILDASM.

Question: 2

Define reflection?

Reflection is the process by which a program can read its own metadata from another program.

Question: 3

Name some of attribute targets?








Question: 4

What is the purpose of the attribute usage?

Attribute declaration is done by using attribute usage attribute.

The primary purpose of attribute usage is to indicate which types of program elements that can be applied to.

Question: 5

List out the uses of reflection?

Reflection is generally used for any of four tasks.

Viewing Meta Data – Used by tools and utilities that wish to display Meta data.

Type discovery – Used to examine the types in an assembly and interact with or instantiate those types. This can be useful in creating custom scripts.

Late binding to methods and properties – It allows the programmer to invoke properties and methods on objects dynamically instantiated based on type discovery. It is also known as dynamic invocation.

Creating types at Run Time – It is used to create new types at runtime and then to use those types to perform tasks.

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