XML .Net Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced - 1

Question: 1

Give the uses of XML?

XML, which provides a data standard that, can encode the content, semantics, and schemata for a wide variety of cases ranging from simple to complex, can be used markup the following:

An ordinary document.

A structured record, such as purchase order.

An object with data and methods.

A data record, such as the result set of a query.

Meta content about a website such as an application user interface.

Question: 2

Give any two differences between the Xml Reader and Xml Node Reader.

Xml Node Reader Processes the nodes from an in memory DOM tree Structure rather than a text file.

Xml Node Reader can begin reading at any sub tree node in the structure. Not just at the root node.

Question: 3

Define XSD?

The XML Schema Definition document is an XML file that is used to validate the contents of another XML document.

The schema is essentially a template that defines in detail what is permitted in an associated XML document.

Question: 4

What are the advantages of XSD?

XSD uses XML itself to define a schema, it provides namespaces and it is extensible.

XSD supports reusable simple and complex types and allows creating new types using inheritance.

Re occurrence of elements and attributes are controlled.

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