Web XML Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are the important in XML?

Placing white space characters before the XML declaration is an error.

The start tag must have a matching end tag.

XML is case sensitive.

Using a white space character in an XML element name is an error.

Nesting XML tags improperly is a syntax error.

Question: 2

What is the need for serialization in XML?

Serialization is a convenient way to store objects so they can later be deserialized into the original objects.

Then the objects can be converted to an XML format.

Question: 3

What is X Path?

X Path is formal query language defined by the XML Path Language 2.0 specification.

An X Path expression is created and passed to an engine that evaluates it.

The expression is parsed and executed against a data store.

The returned value may be a set of nodes or a scalar value.

Question: 4

What kinds of documents are generated by the XSLT Processor?

The XSLT Processor generates the variety of documents such as, XML, HTML, and ASPX for a webpage and a PDF document.

Question: 5

When the X Path Document is used?

X Path Document is recommended only when the applications need to query an XML Document.

It is faster than Xml Document.

It can be created using Xml Reader to load all or part of a document into it.

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