100+ Coding & Decoding Substitution Questions for IBPS, SBI - 1

Question: 1

If bat is racket, racket is football, football is shuttle s ludo and ludo is carom, what is cricket played with?

(A) Carrom

(B) Shuttle

(C) Bat

(D) Racket

Ans: D

Cricket is played with a 'bat' and a 'bat' is called a 'racket'. So, cricket is played with a 'racket'.

Question: 2

If book is called watch, watch is called bag, bag is called dictionary and dictionary is called window, which is used to carry the books?

(A) Watch

(B) Book

(C) Dictionary

(D) Bag

Ans: C

Clearly, a 'bag' is used to carry the books but a 'bag' is called 'dictionary'. So, a 'dictionary' will be used to carry the books.

Question: 3

If clock is called television, television is called radio, radio is called oven, oven is called grinder and grinder is called iron, in what will a lady bake?

(A) Grinder

(B) Clock

(C) Radio

(D) Oven

Ans: A

The lady shall bake in an 'oven' but 'oven' is called 'grinder'. So, the lady will bake in a 'grinder'.

Question: 4

If cloud is called white, white is called rain, rain is called green, green is called air, air is called blue and blue is called water, where will the birds fly?

(A) Rain

(B) Blue

(C) Air

(D) Cloud

Ans: B

Clearly, the birds fly in the 'air' and 'air' is called 'blue'. So, the birds fly in the 'blue'.

Question: 5

If cushion is called pillow, pillow is called mat, mat is called bedsheet and bedsheet is called cover, which will be spread on the floor?

(A) Bedsheet

(B) Mat

(C) Cover

(D) Pillow

Ans: A

'Mat' will be spread on the floor. But 'mat' is called 'bedsheet'. So, a 'bedsheet' will be spread on the floor.

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