Sentence Completion Questions for SSC MTS, SI, JE, GD, CPO, JHT Exam - 1

Question: 1

The police _____ any attempt of arson by _____ at the trouble spot quite in time.

(A) pre-empted, arriving

(B) thwarted, presenting

(C) predisposed, visiting

(D) squashed, surrounding

Ans: A

pre-empted, arriving

Question: 2

The _____ of glory lead but to the _____

(A) ways, happiness

(B) paths, grave

(C) achievements, suffering

(D) acts, prosperity

Ans: B

paths, grave

Question: 3

He is ______ to _____ any kind of work with due sincerity.

(A) fond, perform

(B) willing, ignore

(C) reluctant, entrust

(D) determined, undertake

Ans: D

determined, undertake

Question: 4

The speech _____ with subtle threats has resulted in _____ tension in the sensitive areas of the city.

(A) followed, continuous

(B) forced, dissolving

(C) replete, increased

(D) started, reduced

Ans: C

replete, increased

Question: 5

The charges made in the system were so _____ that they didn’t require any _____

(A) obvious, modifications

(B) certain, expertise

(C) marginal, expenses

(D) genuine, intelligence

Ans: A

obvious, modifications

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