7000+ TNPSC Physics Previous Year Questions Pdf Download - 1

Question: 1

A step up transformer increases the _____ but it decreases the _____

(A) Voltage; Current

(B) Voltage; Number of turns

(C) Number of turns; Voltage

(D) Current; Voltage

Ans: A

Voltage; Current

Question: 2

Length is

(A) The amount of stuff in an object

(B) The amount of space an object takes up

(C) The amount of matter in an object

(D) The extent of something between two points

Ans: D

The extent of something between two points

Question: 3

The maximum speed of vibrations which produce audible sound will be in

(A) Human blood

(B) Dry air

(C) Ground glass

(D) Sea water

Ans: C

Ground glass

Question: 4

Who proposed the heliocentric model of the universe?

(A) Archimedes

(B) Ptolemy

(C) Nicolas Copernicus

(D) Tycho Brahe

Ans: C

Nicolas Copernicus

Question: 5

_____ is used as reflectors in torchlight.

(A) Convex mirror

(B) Plane mirror

(C) Concave mirror

(D) Both convex or concave

Ans: A

Convex mirror

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