1000+ Web technology Interview Questions with Answers - 1

Question: 1

What are frames?

Frames divide a web page into sessions that each has a different HTML source page and their own set of scroll bars. They can be useful for any site that requires part of the screen to remain static while the remainder of the screen can be scrolled.

Question: 2

Write a short note on paragraph tag?

The paragraph tag

defines a paragraph. It starts a new paragraph in a new line. By default, the paragraphs are aligned to the left side of the web pages. The align attribute of the paragraph tag allows us to align the paragraph to right, center or left or to justify it.

Question: 3

Write a short note on Page view and Folders view?

Page view gives us a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing environment for creating and editing web pages.

Folders view lists all of the files and folders in our Web for easy management.

Question: 4

Explain Hyperlinks and Tasks view?

Hyperlinks view allows us to organize the links in the web pages.

Tasks view provides a grid for inputting tasks we need to complete in our web.

Question: 5

What is the use of scrolling attribute of frame tag?

The scrolling attribute allows us to control the scroll bars on the frame.

The scrolling attribute has the value “yes/no/auto”.

The value ‘yes’ forces the frame to have scroll bars always.

The value ‘no’ forces the frame to have no scroll bars. The value ‘auto’ allows the browser to decide if scroll bar is necessary. The default value is ‘auto’.

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