Sentence Improvement Questions for SSC MTS, SI, JE, GD, CPO Exams - 1

Question: 1

He spent much time and energy over it, and lost a sum in the bargain.

(A) with the bargain

(B) into the bargain

(C) for the bargain

(D) No correction required

Ans: B

into the bargain

Question: 2

The brochure, which is being enclosed with the application form, will give you information that you need.

(A) an information

(B) informations

(C) the information

(D) No improvement

Ans: C

the information

Question: 3

The Chinese are said to have invented ice-cream almost three thousand years ago.

(A) have been said to have

(B) are saying to have

(C) are said that they

(D) No correction required

Ans: D

No correction required

Question: 4

The best of us are not without faults or failings.

(A) fault and failings

(B) faults and failings

(C) faults and failures

(D) No improvement

Ans: B

faults and failings

Question: 5

To succeed in a difficult task, persistent is needed.

(A) persistence should have needed

(B) one needs to be persistent

(C) persistence is what one needs

(D) No correction required

Ans: B

one needs to be persistent

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