C# Operators Programming Interview Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

List out the Special Operators in C#?

Is, as relational operator
Type of type operator
Size of size operator
New object creator
.(dot) member access operator
Checked overflow checking
Unchecked prevention of over flow checking


Question: 2

Define Operator and Operand?


        An operator is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematical or logical manipulations. It is used to manipulate data and variables.


        The data items that the operators act upon are called operands.

Question: 3

List the categories of the assignment operator?

It is used to assign the values of an expression to a variable. In C#, there are three categories of assignment operations.

Simple assignment.

Compound assignment.

Multiple assignment.

Question: 4

What is called ternary operator?

The ternary operator is used to form a conditional expression. It uses three operands and hence it is called as a ternary operator.

The general format is:

        Expression1? expression2: expression3

Question: 5

What is checked and unchecked operator?

These operators are used in arithmetic operations for overflow checking.

If an operation is checked, and over flow error will be thrown when an over flow occurs.

If it is not checked, the error is not reported and the overflowing bits are discarded.

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