Top 100+ Analogy Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers - 1

Question: 1

Heart is related to Blood in the same way as Lung is related to

(A) Air

(B) Oxygen

(C) Chest

(D) Purification

Ans: B

Heart is the organ which deals with the pumping and flow of Blood. In the same way Lungs deals with the storage and flow of Oxygen.

Question: 2

Captain is related to Soldier in the same way as Leader is related to

(A) Minister

(B) Party

(C) Follower

(D) Chair

Ans: C

Captain is supposed to lead the battalion of soldiers in the same way as Leader is supposed to lead the Followers.

Question: 3

Fish is related to Water in the same way as Bird is related to

(A) Air

(B) Food

(C) Water

(D) Sky

Ans: D

Fish swims in Water and Bird flies in the Sky.

Question: 4

Sports is related to Logo in the same way as Nation is related to

(A) Anthem

(B) Animal

(C) Emblem

(D) Ruler

Ans: C


Question: 5

Success is to Failure as Big is to

(A) Small

(B) Rig

(C) Good

(D) Great

Ans: A

Success is opposite to Failure. In the same way opposite to Big is Small.

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