1000+ Basic Linux, Unix Interview Questions Pdf - 2

Question: 6

Is it possible to insert an empty cell in a column?

Yes, it is possible to insert an empty cell. In order to insert an empty cell in a column and move the existing cells down, place the cursor in the cell where one wants to insert the new cell and click on the Insert Cells Down icon.

Question: 7

Which icons appear in the floating tool bar?

The icons like Insert Cells Down, Insert Cells Right, Insert Rows and Insert Columns icons appear in the floating tool bar.

Question: 8

What are the keys in the keyboard used to change the position of the cell pointer?

By using the Tab, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys on the keyboard, and also one can move the cell pointer around the worksheet.

Question: 9

What is the use of AutoFormat sheet?

An AutoFormat sheet facility of StarOffice Calc helps to format the worksheet with different predefined styles and colours.

Question: 10

What is a syntax?

A syntax is used to describe the format of specifying a formula. The syntax of formula begins with an equal sign followed by a combination of values operators and cells references.

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