UPSC National & State Human Rights Commissions Questions - 1

Question: 1

Who are the members of the National Rights Commission?

The National Human Rights Commission consists of a chairperson and four members.

(a) The Chairperson is usually a person who has been the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

(b) One member who is or has been, a Judge of the Supreme Court.

(c) One member who is or has been the Chief Justice of a High Court

(d) Two members who are having knowledge and practical experience in matters relating to Human Rights and they are appointed by the President.

Question: 2

Mention the central objective of the N.H.R.C.?

The central objective of the N.H.R.C. is to protect human rights. It also promotes a culture of human rights in the country.

Question: 3

Write a note on the constitution of Human rights courts at the district level?

The state government by notification specify for each district a court to try the offences against human rights.

A Public Prosecutor or an Advocate having at least 7 years experience is appointed in the district court. He is in charge of conducting cases in this court.

This may help for specify trial of offences arising out of violation of human rights.

Question: 4

Where is the head quarters of the Tamilnadu State Human Rights Commission situated?

The Tamilnadu State Human Rights Commissions headquarters is situated now at Chennai.

The Commission may inquired into the violation of rights guaranteed in Part II and Part III of the Constitution of India.

Question: 5

Who is the chief Executive officer of the N.H.R.C.?

The secretary General is the Chief Executive officer of the N.H.R.C. He shall audit all the orders and decisions of the Commission. He communicates them to the concerned authorities.

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